Dean Taylor with Pierce Brosnan

Dean Taylor Profile

Dean Taylor is an incredibly gifted impersonator providing a top quality entertainment package with his comical celebrity characters, impressing and amusing you in equal measure.

After leaving drama school Dean Taylor accumulated over 25 years experience and professionalism working in the industry of theater, TV, film and cabaret, having the pleasure of working alongside some of the finest entertainers the world has ever seem.

The Talents Of Dean Taylor

Dean Taylor can be your look-a-like, sound-a-like actor and with Dean’s talent of improvisation and skill at meeting and greeting, mixing and mingling, using his huge array of famous celebrity characters he can help to create a fun and friendly atmosphere among the crowd, with his laugh and loud humor and interaction comedy, making the guests feel relaxed, sharing and letting their true personalities shine through. Dean Taylor can also host and compare events, assist with award ceremonies and work with scripted shows.
Dean recognizes at any function, the right energy needs to be established from the beginning to the end of any event and using his entertainment techniques Dean can contribute being, the ideal ice breaker, the catalyst, bonding the groups together, linking the running order, filling the dance floor, adding to the fun video and photography footage and social network images, which are always a magical reminder to any memorable occasion.

Dean Taylor Clients

Dean Taylor also knows it’s important to be a team member and will always endeavour to work with the client’s ideas by adapting and being flexible with his act to help, assist and achieve a successful outcome to any party or event.
Dean Taylor prides himself on the re-booking and he knows the importance of


“The wonderful Dean Taylor stooging around portraying celebrities with his masterclass of comic cloning” Mark Ritchie (The Stage Newspaper)

“Dean Taylor the impressionist creates a fun energy, a catalyst at a party, he sounds almost evangelical when discussing his modus operandi” Tony Barrell (The Sunday Times)

“Dean Taylor a dead ringer with his celebrity characters” Graeme Donohoe (The Sun Newspaper)

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